Fan Jinwei


Personal profile

Name:Fan Jinwei




Current Professional Societies

1. Council member of Mechanical Engineering Society of China;

2. Member of Metal Cutting Machine Tools standardized committee of China;

3. Deputy Director of Production Engineering Society of China;

Research Areas

  1. Precision optimum design for CNC machine tools

  2. Error modeling, detection,analysis and compensation for CNC machine tools

  3. Reliability analysis and design for CNC machine tools

  4. Process monitoring and control of CNC machine tools base on OPC UA


  1. Owner of third class award for science and technology improvement issued by National Education Committee of China;

  2. Owner of top grade award for science and technology improvement issued by Mechanical Industry joint association of China;

  3. Owner of first-class award of education and teaching achievement issued by Education Committee of Beijing;


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2. Fan Jinwei,Tao Haohao,Optimal tolerance allocation for five-axis machine tools in consideration of deformation caused by gravity,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY,( NOV 2020) VOl:‏111 :‏1-2 P:‏13-24 , NOV 2020,WOS:000572323700003

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Personal statement

Fan Jinwei, professor and doctoral supervisor, is institute director of Numerical control precision machining and detection and the responsible professor of control theory course. Has published more than 100 papers in different kinds journals and own more more than 30 patent right. For nearly about 20 years, still engaged in the research work of error compensation of CNC machine tools. The purpose of this research work is to enhance the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools and to ensure the manufacture quality of product. An NC tools simulation program software is developed base on Vc++ development environment. The thermal-error, load deformation and geometric error all be considered in the research work. Industry bus is used in communication between CNC, PLC, servo systems and HMI. Web-based error compensation system also developed base on C/S architecture, .NET Remoting technology,SQL Server, and C# language are used to realize distributed communication between customer and application server.