Guo Xianwei

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Personal profile

Name:Xianwei Guo




Current Professional Societies

1. Member of a council of Beijing Institute of Electronics;

2. Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Institute of Electronics, Production Technology Committee.

Research Areas

1. Design and fabrication of solid state electrolyte, composite cathode construction and interface modification in solid state battery;

2. Interface modification and performance improvement of high specific energy cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries;

3. Construction and reaction mechanism of composite air electrode for high specific energy lithium-air battery.


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(2) Zhiyuan Lin+, Xianwei Guo+, Zichun Wang, Boya Wang, Shiman He, Luke A O'Dell, Jun Huang, Hong Li, Haijun Yu*, Liquan Chen, A wide-temperature superior ionic conductive polymer electrolyte for lithium metal battery. Nano Energy, 2020, 104786 (contributed equally).

(3) Muhammad Mushtaq+, Xianwei Guo+, Yinzhong Wang, Liangwei Hao, Zhiyuan Lin, Haijun Yu*, Composite Cathode Architecture with Improved Oxidation Kinetics in Polymer-Based Li-O2 Batteries. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020, 27, 30259-30267.

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(5) Wenru Hou+, Xianwei Guo+, Xuyang Shen, Khali Amine, Haijun Yu*, Jun Lu*,Solid electrolytes and interfaces in all-solid-state sodium batteries: progress andperspective, Nano Energy, 2018,52,279 (contributed equally).

(6) Muhamud Mushtaq+, Xianwei Guo+, Jiepeng Bi, ZhaoxiangWang, Haijun Yu*

Polymer electrolyte with composite cathode for solid-state Li–CO2 battery, Rare Metals, 2018, 1, 1-7 (contributed equally).

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Personal statement

Dr. Xianwei Guo has graduated from the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012, and then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Tohoku University in Japan. He has been working at Beijing University of Technology since July 2016. He was selected as a member of the Beijing High-Level Talents Program, the "Top Young Talents" support program of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the "Excellent Talents" support program of Beijing University of Technology.

He is mainly engaged in the design and development of Advanced Battery Materials and Devices and the basic research of reaction mechanism. As the first author and co-author, he has published more than 30 papers in journals such as Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Nano Energy, Energy Storage Materials and so on, and his papers have been cited for more than 3000 times.

He presided over and completed the general projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Youth Fund, the key science and technology projects of Beijing Municipal Education Commission (jointly funded by the Municipal Natural Science Foundation of China and the Municipal Education Commission of China). More than 10 patents have been applied and authorized. He is a reviewer of Advanced Energy Materials, Nano Energy, Chemical Communications, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Journal of Power Sources, Solid State Ionics and other international journals.