Li Jintao

Personal profile

Name: Li Jintao

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies:

The member of the Chinese Anti-Caner Association

Research Areas:

1. Viral etiology of tumor

2. Prevention and treatment of viral tumor

3. Pathogenesis of human papillomavirus


1. Excellent teachers of Beijing University of Technology, 2019

2. Excellent teachers by moral evaluation, 2019

3. Third prize of Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award,2019


1. Li Wang*, Jintao Li*, Na Zhang*, Xiaofei Zhang, Yang Xia, Binbin Chai, Chunlang Gao, Shengcheng Mao, Yuan Ji, Wang Sheng, Xiaodong Han. Investigations of EGFR configurations on tumor cell surface by high resolution electron microscopy. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 532(2020) 179-184.

2. Yang Xia, Jintao Li*, Shuying Li, Sara Khodahemmati, Maliha Ghaffar, Su Chen, Wang Sheng. Identification of pathways and genes in the process of E6/E7-induced carcinogenesis of esophageal epithelial cells, J Med Virol, 92(2020) 1–7.

3. Jun Hao, Shuying Li, Jintao Li*, Zhu Jiang, Maliha Ghaffar, Minglian Wang, Runqing Jia, Su Chen, Yangjunqi Wang, Yi Zeng, Investigation into the expression levels of MAGEA6 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and esophageal adenocarcinoma tissues, Experimental and therapeutic medicine, 18(2019) 1816-1822.

4. Maliha Ghaffar, Sara Khodahemmati, Jintao Li*, Muhammad Shahzad, Minglian, Yangjunqi Wang, Changshuo Li, Su Chen, Yi Zeng, Long Noncoding RNA LINC01234 Regulates Cell Proliferation, Invasion and Apoptosis in Esophageal Cancer,Journal of cancer, 9(2018) 4242-4249.

5. Maliha Ghaffar, Jintao Li*, Lei Zhang, Sara Khodahemmati, Minglian Wang, Yangjunqi Wang, Lijiao Zhao, Runqing Jia, Su Chen, and Yi Zeng, Water carcinogenicity and prevalence of HPV infection in Esophageal cancer patients in Huaihe river basin, China. Gastroenterology Research and Practice, 4(2018) 1-8.

Personal Statement

Li Jintao, the associate professor and doctor, is the main member of academician Zeng Yi's laboratory. He has been engaged in research on the etiology of upper gastrointestinal cancer. He analyzed the presence and type distribution of HPV in upper digestive tract tumors in many areas with a high incidence of tumors in China. He studied the relationship between HPV and the upper gastrointestinal tumors and established 3 new esophageal cancer cell lines from 3 esophageal cancer patients, in which some of the cells were found to have an HPV infection. He also analyzed the HPV-positive cell lines of digestive tract tumors and identified the status of HPV integration and the possible integration sites. He found a high expression of magea6 in esophageal cancer and found a new activation mechanism of magea6. He published 20 papers in international journals indexed by SCI.