Liu Zhongbao

Personal profile

Name:Liu Zhongbao



Title:Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Senior Member of China Refrigeration Society, Senior Member of Beijing Refrigeration Society;

2. Member of the Second Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering Sub-Committee of China Machinery Industry Education Association;

3. Director of House Appliance Energy Saving Technology Center of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute;

4. Member of National Standardization Technical Committee;

5. Director of China Energy Society

Research Areas

1. Adsorption (MOFs as adsorbent materials) and Absorption Refrigeration and Dehumidification technology;

2.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System Modeling and Simulation / Environment Simulation Technology;

3. Household Appliances and Building Energy-saving Technology.


1. State Department Special Allowance Experts, 2006;

2. Outstanding Teacher of Beijing Advanced Education;

3. Beijing Premium Teaching Materials For Advanced Education – Engineering Mechanics;

1. State Intellectual Property Office Outstanding Patent Award;

2. Light Industry Federation Second Prize For Technical Invention;

3. Second Prize For Science And Technology Progress Of Ministry Of Education;

4. Second Prize of Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement;

5. First Prize of Educational Teaching Achievement In Beijing University Of Technology;

6. Education Management of The Ministry of Education Excellence Award of The 6th National Multimedia Courseware Contest Of Information Center;

7. Second Prize of Teaching Quality of Beijing University of Technology.


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Personal statement

Yang Qingsheng, associate professor and doctoral supervisor, is the leader of National Theory and Experiment Teaching Team of Basic Mechanics of Beijing University of Technology and the responsible professor of Beijing Premium Teaching Materials for Advanced Education – Engineering Mechanics. He has been engaged in teaching for 35 years. He has presided over one National Science and Technology Support Program and eight National Natural Science Foundation of China projects. He has published more than sixty SCI papers on international major journals, four academic books and six textbooks, including two Beijing premium textbooks for advanced education. The citation times have exceeded 4000 times.

He carried out research and application on industrial energy saving and waste heat utilization, building and house appliance energy saving and refrigeration and air conditioning new technologies, and environmental simulation technology. He has presided over and participated in 10 projects above the provincial and ministerial level, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Beijing Natural Science Foundation of China, the Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education, and the Science and Technology Transformation Project of the Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province. He has presided over more than 30 horizontal scientific research projects entrusted by enterprises and institutions, and accumulated more than 20 million scientific research funds. He published 3 monographs and published more than 70 academic papers. As the first author or corresponding author, he published 13 papers in the field of world-leading SCI journals INT J REFRIG, APPL THERM ENG and INORGANIC CHIMICA ACTA. More than 20 invention patents have been authorized. He won 5 provincial and ministerial awards from the Ministry of Education, China National Light Industry Council, and State Intellectual Property Office.

He is responsible for undergraduate courses "Engineering Thermodynamics", "Environmental Protection and Energy Saving", "Air Conditioning Principles and Equipment", "Refrigeration Principles and Equipment", "Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System Design", production internships and graduation design. He instructed students to carry out more than 20 National College Student Innovation Experiment Training Program projects, and his students have won more than 100 awards in science and technology competitions throughout the country, including Northern China andhigher education institutions in Beijing. He has supervised more than 30 Master’s Degree Students.