Nan Qun

Personal profile

Name: Nan Qun

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Editorial board member of Beijing Biomedical Engineering

2. Member of Chinese Society for Biomedical Engineering

Research Areas:

1.Bio-heat transfer

2. Thermal ablation therapy


Instructor for excellent graduate thesis of Beijing University of Technology


1.Hua Li, Zhoutian Fan, Qun Nan, Yanyan Cheng. Numerical simulation of electromagnetic heating process of biological tissue via time-fractional Cattaneo transfer equation Journal of Thermal Biology. 2020.

2.Xiang Gao, Zhen Tian, Yanyan Cheng, Binghao Geng, Shilin Chen, Qun Nan. Experimental and numerical study of microwave ablation on ex-vivo porcine lung. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 2019, 38(4), 249-261.

3.Zhen Tian, Tong Dong, Yanyan Cheng, Jian Hu and Qun Nan. A treatment planning of radio frequency ablation for spinal tumor. International Journal of Computational Methods, 2019, 16(3): 1-14.

4.Tong Dong, Qun Nan, Zhen Tian and Yanyan Cheng. Radiofrequency ablation of renal sympathetic nerve: numerical simulation and ex vivo experiments, Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2018, 10(6):1–11.

5.Fei Zhai, Qun Nan, Xuemei Guo. The effects of fat layer on thermal distribution during microwave atrial fibrillation catheter ablation. Electromagnetic biology and medicine. 2016,35(1):8-14.

Personal Statement

Nan Qun is a professor and doctoral supervisor and has been engaged in teaching for 22 years. She has presided over 2 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and 1 project supported by the Beijing Natural Science Foundation. She has published more than 20 papers in international major journals indexed by SCI.