Duan Ping

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NameDuan Ping



TitleAssociate Professor


Research Areas

Duan mainly engages in research on condensed matters, especially magnetic functional materials and optoelectronics materials, including the materials preparation and physical properties study.


(1) Q. Wang, P. Duan*, J. Y. Wang, L. Chang, J. X. Deng,etc. "Effects of different sintering temperatures on microstructural, transport, and magnetic properties of La0.93Sb0.07MnO3", International Journal of Modern Physics B Vol. 28, 1450166 (2014).

(2)Ping Duan*,Wen Jing Duan,J.Y. Wang,Q. Wang,L. Chang,L. KongStudy on extraordinary transport behaviors of polycrystalline La-Sb-Mn-O ceramic Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 746, 234-239. (2013).