Diao Luhong

Personal profile

NameLuhong Diao



TitleAssociate Professor


Current Professional Societies

Professional member of Big Data for Graph Committee, Chinese Graphics Society

Member of IEEE、ACM and CCF

Research Areas

Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics



[1] Luhong Diao, Zhenmeng Zhang, Yujie Liu, Dong Nan. Necessary Condition of Affine Moment Invariants,Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2018, Online.

[2] Xin Zhang, Luhong Diao. ReLU for sub space approximation and its application in dimension reduction,Proceedings Volume 10806, Tenth International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP 2018)

[3] Diao Luhong,Cao Huan,Zhang Zhenmeng,Lu Xiaoyan. The G~3 spline basis functions. Computer Aided Drafting, Design and Manufacturing, 2016(01), pp.41-46.

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[6] Luhong Diao,Li Hua, Zhang Sen,Liu Lei. “Analysis of Moment Invariants under General Linear Transformation”, SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 53(7), pp.1305-1311, 2010.

[7] T.T.Li, H.Li, L.H. Diao. “Cone-beam tomography of propagation based imaging”, Applied Physics Letters, 2008,93(22).

[8] Luhong Diao, Bin Yu, Hua Li.“A New Edge Detector Based on Fresnel Diffraction”. Pattern Recognition Letters,28 (7), pp. 859-864, 2007.

Personal Statement

Luhong Diao received Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and Technology in the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And he visited the University of Washington for one year in 2014. His papers are published on《Pattern Recognition》、《SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences》、《Pattern Recognition Letters》and《Applied Physics Letters》and so on. He is the PC member of several conferences like ICPCA, ITME and Chinese CAD/CG.