Hao Chunlin

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Personal profile

NameHao Chunlin



TitleAssociate Professor


Current Professional Societies

Member of Operations Research Society of China

Research Areas

Optimization methods and algorithms;

Tensor eigenvalue problems.


Outstanding paper prize of Beijing Operations Research Society of China


(1)Dongmei Zhang, Chunlin Hao, Chenchen Wu, Dachuan Xu, and Zhenning Zhang. Local search approximation algorithms for the k-means problem with penalties. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 2019, 37: 439-453.

(2)Chunlin Hao, Chunfeng Cui and Yuhong Dai, A feasible trust-region method for calculating extreme Z-eigenvalues of symmetric tensors, Pacific Journal of Optimization,Volume 11, Number 2, pp 91-307,2015.

(3)Chunlin Hao, Chunfeng Cui and Yuhong Dai, A Sequential subspace projection method forextreme Z-eigenvlaues of supersymmetric tensor, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, Volume 22,Issue 2, pp. 283-298,March 2015.

(4)Yiqing Hu, Chunlin Hao and Yuhong Dai, Projected gradient algorithm for optimization over oder simplices, Optimization Methods and Software,Volume 29, Issue 5, 2014.

(5) Xin Liu, Chunlin Hao and Minghou Cheng, A Sequential subspace projection method for linear eigenvalue problem, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, Volume 30, Issue03, June 2013.

(6)Chunlin Hao and Xinwei Liu, Global convergence of an SQP algorithm for nonlinear optimization with overdetermined constraints, Numerical algebra control and optimization, 2(1): pp.19-29,2012.

(7)Chunlin Hao and Xinwei Liu, A trust-region filter-SQP method for mathematical programs with linear complementarity constraints. Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, 7(4), pp. 1041-1055, 2011.

Personal Statement

Hao Chunlin, Associate Professor and Master Degree Student Supervisor, joined in the Department of Operation Research in Beijing University of Technology in 2011. She taught 7 courses including Linear Algebra and Numerical Optimization for students. Her research interests are optimization methods and algorithms and tensor eigenvalue problems and applications.