Gao Yibo

Personal profile

NameGao Yibo



TitleAssociate Professor

Research Areas

1. Open quantum systems;

2. Cavity QED in quantum optics and quantum information.


[1] S. M. Yu, Y. B. Gao, H. Ian, Perturbation dissipation dynamics of a weakly driven cavity QED system: generalized microscopic master equation, Quantum Information Processing, 16 (2017) 283-286;

[2] M. Y. Zhao, Y. B. Gao, Vacuum Rabi splitting effect in nanomechanical QED system with nonlinear resonator, Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, 59 (2016) 680321-680323;

[3] X. Xiao, M. Y. Zhao, Y. B. Gao, Temporal Behavior of Rabi Oscillation in Nanomechanical QED System with a Nonlinear Resonator, Communications in Theoretical Physics, 65 (2016) 273-276.

Personal Statement

Gao Yibo, Associate Professor and Master Student Supervisor, has been a faculty member of Beijing University of Technology since 1997. He has presided over two National Natural Science Foundation of China projects and other two projects. He has published 18 SCI papers on international major journals.