Fang Xiaohui

Personal profile

Name: Fang Xiaohui

Gender: Female


Title: Associate Professor

Research Areas

1. Mode-locked fiber laser;

2. Supercontinuum generation and frequency conversion in fiber;

3. Raman spectroscopy in photonic crystal fiber.


1. Rixin talent of Beijing University of Technology, 2016;

2. Nomination for National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, 2013


[1] Multiwatt octave-spanning supercontinuum generation in multicore photonic-crystal fiber, Optics Letters, 37(12), 2292-2294, 2012.

[2] High pulse energy mode-locked multicore photonic crystal fiber laser, Optics Letters, 36(6), 1005-1007, 2011.

[3] Generation of 150 MW, 110 fs pulses by phase-locked amplification in multicore photonic crystal fiber, Optics Letters, 35(14), 2326-2328, 2010.

[4] Hybrid multicore photonic-crystal fiber for in-phase supermode selection, Optics Letters, 35(4), 493-495, 2010.

[5] Spatially flat in-phase supermode in multicore hybrid photonic crystal fiber, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 29(22), 3428-3432, 2011.

[6] Polarization control in flexible interference lithography for nano-patterning of different photonic structures with optimized contrast, Optics Express, 23(9):11518, 2015

[7] A cross-stacked plasmonic nanowire network for high-contrast femtosecond optical switching, Nanoscale, 8(3):1421, 2016

Personal statement

Fang Xiaohui received her doctoral degree in Physical Electronics from Tianjin University in 2010. Her research is mainly engaged in new mode-locked fiber lasers and SERS in photonic crystal fibers. She was nominated for National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, Wang Daheng Student Optics Award, China Optical Important Achievements and other awards. She has presided over one project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation Youth Fund and one General Project. She has published more than 30 SCI search papers and authorized 3 National Invention Patents.