Liu Chundi

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NameLiu Chundi




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Research Areas

1. Semiconductor Equations, Euler-Poisson Equations, MHD Equations;

2. Quasineutral Limits, Boundary Layers, Asymptotic Behavior;

3. Dirac Equations, Klein-Golden Equations, Nonrelations Limits.

Honors :None


  1. WANG Shu, JIANG Limin, LIU Chundi; Quasi-neutral limit and the boundary layer problem of Planck-Nernst-Poisson-Navier-Stokes equations for electro-hydrodynamics. Journal of Differential Equations. 267 (2019), no.6, 3475-3523.

  2. LIU Chundi, WANG Boyi; Quasineutral limit for a model of three dimensional Euler-Poisson system with boundary. Analysis and Applications. 16 (2018), no. 2, 283-305

  3. LIU Chundi, WANG Shu, XU Wenqing; Mixed layer problem of a three-dimensional drift-diffusion model for semiconductors.Journal of Partial Differential Equations.30 (2017), no.3, 264-280.

  4. LIU Chundi, WANG Shu; Boundary layer problem and quasineutral limit of compressible Euler-Poisson system. Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis. 16 (2017), no.6, 2177-2199.

  5. WANG Shu, WANG Boyi, LIU Chundi, WANG Na; Boundary layer problem and zero viscosity-diffusion vanishing limit of the incompressible magnetohydrody- namic system with no-slip boundary conditions. Journal of Differential Equations. 263 (2017), no. 8, 4723-4749.

  6. LIU Chundi, LI Yong, WANG Shu; Asymptotic behavior of the solution to a 3-D simplified energy-transport model for semiconductors.Journal of Partial Differential Equations.29(2016),no. 1, 71-88.

Personal Statement

Liu Chundi, Ph. D, I work in partial differential equations, mainly in the area of quasineutral limits, boundary layers and asymptotic behaviors of the semiconductors, Euler-Poisson equations and MHD, the Nonrelations Limits of the Dirac Equations, Klein-Golden Equations.