Liu Boyang

Personal profile

NameLiu Boyang

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D

Title: Associate Professor


Research Areas: 

My researches focus on cold-atom physics, especially the strongly interacting Fermi gases, quantum phase transitions and critical phenomena in cold-atom physics, as well as the quantum gases in optical lattices.


  • “Springer Theses” Award For Outstanding Scientific Research At Ph.D Level, Springer Publishing Company, 2011.

  • Lark-Horovitz Outstanding Research Award, Purdue University, 2010.


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Personal Statement

Boyang Liu is an associate professor and doctoral supervisor in the institute of physics in Beijing University of Technology. His research mainly focuses on the transport properties and the quantum physics transitions in cold atom physics. He has published a series of important works that explained several anomalous phenomena observed in experiments and gave manifest descriptions on the novel matter states in cold atoms. He was granted the Lark-Horovitz outstanding research award by Purdue University in 2010. He received the "Spinger Theses" Award for Outstanding Scientific Research at Ph.D Level in 2011 and he is the first Chinese who received this award.