Cui Tiening

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Name:Cui Tiening




Current Professional Societies

  1. Standing board member of Professional Committee of Eco-industry, Eco-economic Commission

  2. Member of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences

    Research Areas

  3. Theory and practice of ecological civilization

  4. Theory of circular economy and mechanism of resource circular management

  5. Environmental planning and management


    1. Cui T, co-author. the excellent academic work award of Chinese University Press, 2011.08,

    2. Excellent paper award

    7 papers won the provincial and municipal excellent papers first prize, second prize, excellent award, etc.

    Cui Tiening, Lu Ting. the first prize of excellent paper (Sichuan Institute of Circular Economy, 2015)

    Cui Tiening, the excellent paper award (Sichuan Society of Circular Economy, 2015)

    3.The 7th China Outstanding Environmental Science and Technology Worker Award of Chinese Society for Environmental Science, 2008


  6. Book:

  7. Theory and Practice of Policy Mechanism of Renewable Resources Industry, Chinese Environmental Science Press, 2011.06

  8. Introduction of Circular Economy, Chinese Environmental Science Press, 2007.7

  9. Circular Society and Its Planning Theory and Method, China Environmental Science Press, 2005.6

  10. Theory of Circular Economic Law in China. Science Press, 2008.8

  11. The Theory and Practice of Risk Prevention and Management of Clean Government in Universities in Beijing. Beijing University of Technology Press, 2011

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    Personal Statement

    Cui Tiening,Professor, Economics and Management School, Beijing University of Technology, Master tutor, visiting scholar of State University of New York at Buffalo. She is the 12th and 13th session of the CPPCC in Beijing, the member of Beijing 2022 Olympics and Winter Paralympics Sustainability Consulting Committee. She has published nearly 80 papers inScientometrics, Science and Technology Management Research, System Engineering Theory and Practice, and other journals, among which more than 40 papers were published in core journals, SCI/SSCI, CSSCI, EI and CSCD included journals, and many investigations, proposals and suggestions she had put forward won awards for outstanding achievements in participating in policy decision-making.