Fu Tao


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Name:Fu Tao



Title:  Associate Professor


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Research Areas

1. complex network;

2. social network;

3. multi-agent simulation.



1.Tao Fu, Ran Sun, Chengguang Li(*), Long Wu. Node differentiation protection concerning model of localized attack on real networks[J]. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2019, 526: 120947. (SCI)

2.Tao Fu, Liling Zou, Chenguang Li(*), Junbo Zhao. A relatively simple model for percolation properties of real networks[J]. Physics Letters A, 2017, 381(32):2578-2582. (SCI)

3.Tao Fu, Chenguang Li, Liping Guo, Yanni Wang. How we view competitions between the converging Internet social platforms: Does higher user number mean the final victory[J]? International Journal of Modern Physics C. 2015, 26(8): 1550084.(SCI)

4.Tao Fu, Yini Chen; Zhen Qin; Liping Guo. Percolation on Shopping and Cashback Electronic Commerce Networks. Physica A.2013, 392(12): 2807–2820. (SCI)

5.Tao Fu, Bo Xu, Yong’an Zhang, Yini Chen. Tolerance of scale-free networks under degree segment protection and removal. Modern Physics Letters B. 2012, 26(24): 1250156. (SCI).

6.Tao Fu, Yong’an Zhang. Simulation of Technological Innovation Network Diffusion in Focal Firm Cored Industrial Clusters[J]. International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control. 2012, 15(4) : 310-319. (EI).

Personal statement

Fu Tao received his Ph.D in Management Science and Engineering, is currently a vice Professor as well as Master's Tutor of the Department of Management Science and Engineering in College of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Technology. As the first author, he has published dozens of SCI and domestic papers and completed several National research projects.