He Zongyue

Personal profile

Name:He Zongyue


Degrees:Ph. D



Research Areas

1. Economic Statistical Analysis

2. Education Economy

3. Digital Economy


1. ”The Impact of Public Education Investment on Entrance Opportunities of Higher Education: Mechanism Analysis and Difference Research”, Journal of Higher Education, 2019, 40(7): 51-61.

2. ”The Influence of Fiscal Compulsory Education Expenditure on Intergenerational Income Mobility”, Public Finance Research, 2018(2): 64-76.

3. ”Dynamic Relationship between Personal Income Tax and Gini Coefficient and Its Policy Implications”, Economist, 2014(10):26-34.

Personal statement

He Zongyue is an assistant professor of School of Economics and Management in Beijing University of Technology. She has presided one Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science Project and one China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Project. She has published more than seven papers on major journals and one academic book.