Li Shuangjie

Personal profile

Name: Li Shuangjie

Gender: male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies

  1. Standing Board Member of Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics.

  2. Visiting Full ProfessorUCD,Ireland,2018.10-2019.10.

Research Areas

1. Economic model; Economic statistics.

2. Efficiency, Productivity; performance.

3. Innovation.


1. Second Prize of Beijing Philosophy and Social Science, 2004

2. Second Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress, 2005



1. Shuangjie Li, Chunqi Li, Modification And Application Of Total Factor Energy Efficiency Measurement, The Journal Of Quantitative & Technical Economics, (9)2018 (Top Chinese Journals).

2. Shuangjie Li, Shao Wang. A Financial Early Warning Logit Model And Its Efficiency Verification Approach [J]. Knowledge-Based Systems, 2014, 70 (SCI Q1)


1.Monograph,Enterprise Performance Evaluation And Efficiency Analysis2004.

2.Monograph,Measurement Of Efficiency And Productivity And Its Application 2010.

3.A Translation: Econometric Models, Techniques, And Applications, Michael D. Intriligator, Ronald G.Bodkin, Cheng Hsiao2004.

Personal statement

Li Shuangjie, is professor and Doctoral Student Supervisor in the College of Economics and Management.

Courses taught: microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, econometrics, productivity and efficiency analysis (for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students.