Liu Xiaoyan

Personal profile


Name:Liu Xiaoyan



Title:Associate Professor

Research Areas

  1. Organizational governance;

  2. Informatization Strategy.


  1. Liu Xiaoyan, Technology Innovation Network Evolution and Node Advance and Retreat Mechanism, Jiangxi University Press, 140, 2015.8

  2. Ruan Pingnan, Liu Xiaoyan, He Xijun, Yang Juan. The mechanism of strategic network generation based on organizational evolution. Jiangxi University Press. 2014,5

Personal statement

Liu Xiaoyan, a associate professor and master's supervisor,has long been engaged in research and teaching of information management and organization theory.She has presided over and completed one project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission,participated in and completed several projects of National Social Science Foundation and National Natural Science Foundation as the main member.Besides,more than 10 projects were entrusted by provincial and ministerial level, enterprises and institutions.As the first author, she has published more than 20 academic papers related to innovation in core journals at home and abroad, two monographs and one software copyright.