Jiang Wei











Personal profile

Name:Jiang Wei



Title:Associate Professor



Research Areas

1.International Trade Policy;

2. Foreign Direct Investment;

3. International Trade Political Economy.


1.Second Class Prize for the Eighth Young Teachers' Basic Skills Competition of Beijing University of Technology in 2011.

2. Second Class Prize for Outstanding Education and Teaching Achievement of Beijing University of Technology in 2019.


1.Jiang Wei. The Political Economy of the Evolution of U.S. Trade Policy towards Japan, China Commerce and Trade Press, 2014 (monograph).

2.Jiang Wei, Jin Qiwei. Can Interest Groups Dominate the Return of American Manufacturing Industry? [J]., International Economic and Trade Exploration, 2019.09.

3.Jiang Wei, Sun Churen. New Progress and China's Countermeasures of Investment Protection Policy of the Trump Administration to China[J]., International Trade, 2020.01.

4.WeiJiang, TaoWang. Empirical Research on the Impact of Producer Subsidies on the Export of China's New Energy Enterprises- Based on Panel Data of Micro- Enterprises[J]., International Economic and Trade Exploration, 2017.09.

5.Wang Tao, Zhao Jing, Jiang Wei. Research on the Status of China's Manufacturing Industry in the Division of Global Value Chain[J]., Science and Technology Management Research, 2017.10.

6.Jiang Wei, Wang Tao. Analysis and Countermeasures of China's Import Stalling problem[J]., International Trade, 2016(6).

7.Jiang Wei. Analysis of the Future Trend and Economic and Trade Relations between Japan and the United States in the New Era[J]., Modern Japan Economy, 2010(1).

8.Wang Tao, Jiang Wei. Empirical Research on Intra-Industry Trade on Service Industry between China and Japan[J]., World Economy Research, 2010(6).

Personal statement

Jiang Wei, associate professor and master supervisor, School of Economics and Management in Beijing University of Technology. She has presided one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China and one project of Social Science Foundation Research Base of Beijing. She has participated in more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial projects. She has published more than 20 papers, published one monograph and participated in the compilation of more than 10 books. She has been engaged in teaching for 15 years. Main teaching courses include International Business, International Business Negotiation, International Trade, Introduction to China's Foreign Trade, etc.