Liu Jianmei

Personal profile

Name:Liu Jianmei




Research Areas

1.environmental accounting;

2. financial management.


The of the 12th teaching basic skill competition for young teachers in Beijing university of technology, The third prize,2019.


1.Jin-biao Ji, Jian-mei Liu. The analysis of environmental protection tax from the perspective of equity [J]. Tax research, 2014 (7).

2. Jian-mei Liu. Design of Carbon Tax and Carbon Emission Trading based on the Coordinated Development Policies of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region [J]. Reform of Economic System,2020.

3. Jian-mei Liu. Policy Research on Coordinated Application of Carbon Tax and Carbon Emission Trading in China’s New Normal[M]. China financial and economic press, December 2017.

4. Jin-biao Ji, Jian-mei Liu. Research on tourism tax system and policy [M]. China tax press, December 2017.

Personal Statement

Liu Jianmei, the lecturer of accounting, majoring in the environmental accounting and financial management. In recent years, she has presided two university-level projects and participated in four provincial-level or above projects. She has published two academic books and one textbook.