Peng Rui

Personal profile

Name: Peng Rui

Gender: male

Degrees: Ph.D

Title: Associate professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Editorial board member of journal “Reliability Engineering & Systems Safety”,

2. Associate editor of journal “Palgrave communications”,

3. IEEE senior member

Research Areas

1. Digital Economy and big data analysis

2. Energy economics and sustainable development

3. System risk analysis and optimization


Elsevier highly cited Chinese scholar in 2018


1.  Peng, R., 2019. Optimal component allocation in a multi-state system with hierarchical performance sharing groups. Journal of the Operational Research Society 70 (4), 581-587.

2.  Peng, R., Xiao, H., Gao, J., Lin, C., 2020. Optimal defense of a distributed data storage system against hackersattacks. Reliability Engineering & System Safety 197 106790.

3. Yang, L., Peng, R., Li, G., Lee, C., 2020. Operations management of wind farms integrating multiple impacts of wind conditions and resource constraints. Energy Conversion and Management 205 (1), 112162.

4. Zhai, Q., Peng, R., Zhuang, J., 2020. Defender-Attacker Games with Asymmetric Player Utilities. Risk Analysis. Forthcoming.

5. Yang, L., Ye, Z.S., Lee, C.G., Yang, S.F., Peng, R.*, 2019. A two-phase preventive maintenance policy considering imperfect repair and postponed replacement. European Journal of Operational Research 274 3),966-977.

Personal Statement

Peng Rui graduated from the special class for the gifted young in University of Science and Technology of China in July 2007 with a Bachelor's degree, and from the National University of Singapore with a doctoral degree in October 2011. He entered Donlinks School of Economics and Management, University of Science and Technology Beijing in January 2012, was promoted to Associate Professor in July 2014. He joined School of economics and management, Beijing University of technology in November 2018, and was promoted to doctoral supervisor in January 2020. The main research fields include digital economy and big data analysis, energy economy and sustainable development, system risk assessment and optimization. He has published more than 70 SCI journal papers, 3 monographs, presided over or participated in 6 NSFC projects.