Miao Hong

Personal profile

Name: Miao Hong

Gender: female

Degrees: Ph.D

Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: miaohong@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

  1. Board member of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Branch of Chinese Society of Technology Economics;

  2. Deputy Secretary-General of the Professional Committee of Emerging Technologies Future Analysis and Management.

Research Areas

  1. technology future analysis;

  2. technology innovation.


1. Beijing Top Young  Talent Support Program;

2. Beijing science and Technology Progress Award.


  1. Miao Hong, Zhao Runbo, Huang Lucheng, Lou YanResearch on Technology Convergence Measurement Based on LDA-SVM; Classification Algorithm, Science of Science and Management of S. T10(2018)13-29;

  2. Miao Hong, Wang Xiaoyu, Huang Lucheng , Wu Feifei ,Measurement and Analysis  Characteristics of Trans-disciplinary Technology Based on Patent Data,Journal of The China Society for Scientific and Technical Information34(2015)484-492;

  3. Miao Hong, Liu Haili, Huang Lucheng, Qiao Zheng,Super-Network Model of Beijing International Science and Technology Collaboration and Its Application Based on Patent,Forum on Science and Technology in China4(2015)88-93.

Personal statement

Miao Hong, Associate Professor and Master Student sSpervisor, is a full-time faculty in the College of Economics and Management in Beijing University of Technology.She has been engaged in teaching for more than 10 years.In recent years, She has presided and participated nearly 10 provincial and ministerial projects, and participated in key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and major projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China. She has published more than 30 papers on major journals.