Qian Ting

Personal profile

Name:Qian Ting





Research Areas

1. Strategy Management and Corporate Governance


1. Wu Changqi, Qian Ting, Business Group Affiliation and the Governance of State-owned Enterprises,Economic Research Journal, 2011, 6, 93-104. (in Chinese)

2. Qian Ting, Wu Changqi, A Research about Contextualized Characteristics of China State-owned Business Group,Economic Perspectives, 2012, 4:51-61. (in Chinese)

3. Qian Ting, Wu Changqi, Business Group Governance and Managerial Agency Problem: Empirical Evidence from Listed Group-affiliated SOEs,Economic Management, 2016,38(8): 55-67.(in Chinese)

4. Wu Changqi, Qian Ting, Zhang Zhu, Hu Yuxin, Development and Evolution of Management Research on State-owned Enterprises in China,Nanki Business Review,2019,22(4):69-79. (in Chinese)

Personal statement

Qian Ting is the associate professor and master student supervisor from the School of Economic and Management, Beijing University of Technology. She has received a management PH.D. from Peking University. Also, she previously served as an internal researcher for the State Grid in China. Dr. Qian's main research interest is SOEs' reform and management in China. She has presided one program supported from NSFC(National Science Foundation of China) and one program from the Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science fund in China.