Zhu Nina

Personal profile

Name:Zhu Nina



Title:Associate Professor


Research Areas

1.Global value chain and Chinese manufacture industry upgrade;

2.OFDI and industry innovation;

3.Regional value chain under “ONE BELT AND ONE ROAD” Initiative


“The Backbone Teacher” Honorary Title, Beijing Tongzhou District, 2014.


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4.Zhu Nina, Wu Li. Research on the Present Situation and Trend of Chinese Cross-border E-Commerce Under "One Belt One Road", REFORMATION & STRATEGY (268), 2015.12

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7.Zhu Nina, Fu Janwen. The Gravity Model of Chinese trade facilitation comprehensive index, China collective economy,2018(07)

8.Zhu Nina & Cao Zhen. Empirical Analysis of Impacts on China’s Transport Service Trade of International Competitiveness,proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Economic and Business Management,2019(12).

Personal statement

Zhu Nina, Associate Professor and Master Student Supervisor. She has been engaged in teaching for 10 years. She presided and participated more than five Beijing city research projects and also published more than ten research papers on the international trade related journals. She has published two academic books. She has some work experience in Beijing local government.