Zang Wei

Personal profile

Name: Zang Wei

Gender: Female

Degrees: M.A.

Title: Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Science & Technology Magazine Online Evaluation Experts


Research Areas

1. Enterprise strategic management

2. business model

3. innovation and entrepreneurship management


  1. Zang Wei, Fang Zhihan. “The Research of Software Listed Companys Business Model Based on the Evaluation of the Effectiveness”, Science & Technology Progress and Policy (2015) 32(9):76-79.

  2. Zang Wei, Qin Kai, Yu Chang. “A Study on Synergistic Innovation of High-tech Industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Based on the Perspective of Resources”, East China Economic Management, 2015, 218(2):47-54.

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  4. Zang Wei, Li Tiantian, Xu Lei. “Policy Instrument Mining and Quantitative Evaluation of Maker Space Supporting Policy of Beijing”, Soft Science (2018) Vol.9, 56-61

  5. Zang Wei, Zhao Liandong, Xu Lei. “Team’s Boundary Spanning Behavior, Knowledge Integration Capacity and Team Creativity: The Moderating Effect of Knowledge Heterogeneity”. Chinese Journal of Management 2019-07-01


    Personal Statement

    Wei Zang, Associate Professor and Master Student Supervisor, graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She is a full-time faculty in the College of Economics and Management inBeijing University of Technology.

    She has presided over 4 school education reform projects, and participated in the evaluation of secondary and postgraduate subject points and the revision of teaching plans. Her main research direction is corporate strategy and she has published more than 40 relevant papers and edited 4 books. Additionally, she has also presided over the municipal education commission project "SOU Group Purchase Website Business Model Research" and participated in 8 related research projects in Beijing and the Ministry of Education. In addition, she has participated in many corporate consulting projects.