Yu Haibo


Personal profile

Name: Yu Haibo

Gender: male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

E-mail: haibo@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies:

1. Executive director of stochastic service and operation management branch of China Operations Research Association;

2. Executive director of behavior operation management branch of China Operations Research Association.

Research Areas:

1. logistics and supply chain management;

2. risk management, decision theory and method under uncertainty;

3. stochastic service and operation management.


1. Hai-Bo Yu, Stochastic monotonicity and comparability of Markov chains with block-monotone transition matrices and their applications to queueing systems, Stochastic Models, 33(2017) 551-571 (SCI)

2. Hai-Bo Yu, The effect of demand uncertainty on newsboy problems with minimizing cost and maximizing profit, System Engineering Theory and Practice, 34 (2014) 1756-1768

3. Hai-Bo Yu, The effect of risk preference and demand uncertainty on inventory system with sales effort and replenishment decision, System Engineering Theory and Practice, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 28 (2014) 69-74

4. Hai-Bo Yu, Yuan Li, Stochastic comparison of the generalized mean-preserving transformations and its application in inventory systems, Operations Research and Management Science, 27 (2018) 32-40.

5. Hai-Bo Yu, Yuan Li, Research on behavior supply chain game and supply chain social responsibility management, Beijing: Science Press, 2017.

Personal Statement:

Yu Haibo is a professor and master supervisor of department of management science and Engineering in Beijing University of Technology. He has been engaged in teaching for 25 years. He has presided one National Natural Science Foundation of China projects and one Provincial and Ministerial Projects of China. He has published more than two SCI papers on international journals, two academic books and one textbooks, including two Science Press books for supply chain management.