Yang Weiwei

Personal profile

Name:Yang Weiwei



Title:Associate Professor


Research Areas

Energy economics, ecological economics, transportation economics, industrial economics, strategic planning, project evaluation, etc.


1、《Research on the Development of Tibet's Strategic Support Industry under the background of leaping development》(2013)China Social Sciences Press;

2、《Climate policy design》(2011)Higher education press;

3、《Research on Investment in China's Civil Airport》(2010) China Water & Power Press

Personal statement

Yang Weiwei, AssociateProfessor, has done in-depth research in the Tibetan areas of four provinces for more than 20 years, providing the government with many decision-making references. She has presided over and participated in a number of major national consulting studies and predictions, as well as provincial and ministerial five-year planning. She participated in three feasibility researches of the national cross-century project and other national major projects. She teaches undergraduates the courses of "Economics", "The Game Theory", "The art of war and commercial ", and "Transport Economics".