Yan Zouxian

Personal profile



Name:Yan Zouxian



Title:Associate Professor



Current Professional Societies

1、Member of Expert Committee of Hebei Science and technology service industry innovation and development alliance,;

2、member of Expert Committee of China Association of land and economy;

3、member of Expert Committee of China Association of regional economy;

4、senior member of Beijing Enterprise Technology Development Research Association


1、Industry Organization&Development;

2、Management Accounting



Publications :

1、Shangqiufen Yanzouxian. The positioning and basic framework of the digital balance sheet. Finance and Accounting.2018(07) :59-60

2、yanzouxian.Research on the new mode of science and technology community participating in the development of science and technology service industry in Beijing. Productivity Research.2018(04)114-117

3、yanzouxian. Research on high cash dividend, high transfer and earnings management of GEM listed companies. Business Accounting 2017(09)53-56

Personal Statement

Yan Zouxian, vice-professor and master supervisor, has been engaged in teaching for 12 years in Beijing University of Technology. He has presided and attend-presidedtwo National Society Science Foundation of China projects.two Society Science Foundation of Peiking projects.He has published more than thirty papers on major journals, four academic books and six textbooks.The citation times have exceeded 500 times.