Xu Lei

Personal profile

Name:Xu Lei





Research Areas

1. Marketing strategy;

2. AI technology and Service innovation;

3. NPD and Multilayer Boundary Spanning.


1. Outstanding Young Teacher of Beijing University Of Technology,2019;

2. Outstanding Head Teacher of Beijing University Of Technology,2017.


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Personal statement

Xu Lei, Associate professor and Master Student Supervisor in the College of Economics and Management. While completing her Ph.D. at Renmin University of China, Xu served as a lecturer and instructor for a number of undergraduate and graduate courses in the marketing program. She is interested in understanding strategic behavior of firms in the area of new product development and future service interaction with the application of AI technology and service robots. Before entering academia, Xu gained extensive industry experience in Ogilvy and Mather Advertising Agency. Outside of work She is a drawing enthusiast and a passionate distance runner.