Xie Yongqin

Personal profile

Name: Xie Yongqin

Gender: female


Title: Associate Professor


Research Areas

1. regional economic development and policy;

2. theory and application of spatial economy;

3. urbanization and Urban agglomeration.



1. Xie Yongqin, Cao Yipin, Research on the newtype urbanization efficiency of Zhongyuan agglomerations based on DEA-SBMmodel, Urban Studies 25(2018) 11-17.

2. Xie Yongqin, Wei Xiaochen, The spatial distribution evolution and influence factor of logistics enterprises in Beijing, Journal of Shanxi Normal University(Natural science edition)47(2019) 106-115

Personal statement

Xie Yongqin, Associate Professor and Master Student supervisor, is a member of teaching team on the regional economics in Beijing University of Technology. Professor Xie received her Ph.D. on regional Economics from Nankai University. She has been engaged in teaching and scientific researching of urban and regional economic development for 25 years. She has published 1 monograph and 3 translations and more than 20 papers in the domestic and foreign academic journals and conferences. She has presided or participated in more than 10Provincial projects.