Xiang Nan

Personal Profile

Name:Xiang Nan





Current Professional Societies

Editor member of《Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science》

Research Areas

1. Green economics, resources and environmental economics;

2. Green trade, Input-Output analysis method;

3. Economic and Social Policy Evaluation and Dynamic Simulation.


  1. Beijing University of Technology “Young Teacher Development- Rixin Talent”, 2018;

  2. Outstanding Achievement Award for Young Teacher Social Research in Beijing Universities, Second Prize, 2016;

  3. Outstanding Paper Award, Chinese Association of Environmental Sciences-Environmental Economics Branch, 2014;

  4. The best presentation award of the 48th annual meeting of the Japan Section of Regional Sciences Association, 2011.

Publications (SCI/SSCI indexed papers)

  1. Dynamic Optimized Clean Production Strategies to improve Water Environment and Economic Development in Leather Industrial Parks: A Case Study in Xinji, China,Sustainability, 2019, 11 (23): 1-18.

  2. 3Es-based optimization simulation approach to support the development of an eco-industrial park with planning towards sustainability: A case study in Wuhu, China.Journal of Cleaner Production/ 2017(164):476-484

  3. Correlating PM2.5 concentrations with air pollutant emissions: A longitudinal study of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Journal of Cleaner Production. Volume 179, 1 April 2018, 103-113.

  4. How to reach haze control targets by air pollutants emission reduction in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region of China?PLOS ONE/ 2017,12(3): e0173612.

  5. Assessing the Potential of Water Reclamation and Its Impacts on Water Environment and Economy: Dynamic Scenarios Analysis of Tianjin, China.Water Policy/ 2015. 17: 391–408.

  6. .Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Water Environment Management with Focus on Water Recycle. Water/ 2014, 6(1):17-31.

  7. Simulation analysis of China's Energy and Industrial Structure Adjustment to Achieve a Low Carbon Economy by 2020. Sustainability, 2013, 5(12):5081-5099.

  8. Comprehensive Evaluation of Environmental Policies for Sustainable Development in Jiaxing City, China. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 2015, 14(5): 1079-1088.

  9. Dynamic Simulation of China’s Carbon Intensity and Energy Intensity Evaluation Focusing on Industry and Energy Structure Adjustments by 2020. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal/ 2013 12(10): 1897-1901.

  10. Dynamic Evaluation of Water Quality Improvement Based on Effective Utilization of Stockbreeding Biomass Resource. Sustainability, 2014, 6:8218-8236.

  11. Dynamic Simulation towards China’s Carbon Emission Reduction Potential by 2020. Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences/ 2014, 8:15-27.

Personal statement

Xiang Nan, Associate professor and master supervisor, majored in Applied Economics, and graduated from University of Tsukuba (Japan). She has been engaged in teaching and research for 8 years. She has presided one National Science Foundation of China project, 3 provincial and above projects, and participated in 5 National Science Foundation of China projects. Until 2019, she has published more than 10 SCI/SSCI papers on international major journals, including 2 top journal papers, and published 1 academic book.