Wang Feifei

Personal profile

Name:Wang Feifei




Current Professional Societies

Member of National Scientometrics and Informetrics Professional Committee

Research Areas

1. Scientometrics and Informetrics;

2. Scientific Evaluation and Management;

3. Science & Technology innovation network.


1. Outstanding Teacher of Beijing University of Technology, 2018;

2. Excellent Paper of the 18th National Symposium on Science and Technology Evaluation, 2018;

3. Excellent Paper of the 13th China Science and Technology Policy and Management Academic Annual Conference, 2017.


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22. Wang Feifei. Research on Metrics-based Semantization of Digital Document Resources. Press of Beijing University of Technology, 2016.11.

Personal statement

Wang Feifei, AssociateProfessor and master supervisor in School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Technology. Mainly engaging in Scientometrics and S&T management related research, she contributes to the academic field as reviewer of domestic and foreign academic journals, such asScientometrics,Intelligence Engineering,Science & Technology Review, and so on. She has presided one National Social Science Foundation of China project, and three Beijing municipal science foundations. She has published more than thirty papers on major journals at home and abroad (including six SCI/SSCI papers), and one academic book.