Wang Chao

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Name:Chao Wang



Title:Associate Professor

Research Areas:Complexity Economics, Sustainable Supply Chains, Resources and Environmental Economics, Complex Network

Selected Publications

  1. Chao Wang, Ming K Lim*, Longfeng Zhao, Ming-Lang Tseng, Chen-Fu Chien, and Benjamin Lev, “The evolution ofOmega-The International Journal of Management Scienceover the past 40 years: A bibliometric overview”,Omega-The International Journal of Management Science. 2020. 93: 102098.

  2. Chao Wang, Longfeng Zhao*, Ming K Lim, Wei-Qiang Chen, and John W. Sutherland, “Structural Evolution of Global Plastic Waste Trade Network and the Impact of China’s Import Ban”,Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 2020. 153:104591.

  3. Chao Wang, Ming K Lim*, Xinyi Zhang, Longfeng Zhao, and Paul Tae-Woo Lee, “Railway and road infrastructure in the Belt and Road Initiative countries: Estimating the impact of transport infrastructure on economic growth”,Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice. 2020. 134: 288-307.

  4. Xiaoqian Hu, Chao Wang*, Ming K Lim*, and Wei-Qiang Chen, “Characteristics of the Global Copper Raw Materials and Scrap Trade Systems and the Policy Impacts of China’s Import Ban”,Ecological Economics. 2020. 172: 106626.

  5. Xiaoqian Hu, Chao Wang*, Ming K Lim, andS.C. Lenny Koh, “Characteristics and Community Evolution Patterns of the International Scrap Metal Trade”,Journal of Cleaner Production. 2020. 243:118576.

  6. Xiaoqian Hu, Chao Wang*, Junjie Wu*, and H. Eugene Stanley, “Understanding interurban networks from a multiplexity perspective”,Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning. 2020. 99:102625.

  7. Chao Wang, Xinyi Zhang, Minggang Wang, Ming K Lim, and Pezhman Ghadimi, “Predictive analytics of the copper spot price by utilizing complex network and artificial neural network techniques”,Resources Policy. 2019. 63: 101414.

  8. Chao Wang, Pezhman Ghadimi*, Ming K Lim, and Ming-Lang Tseng, “A literature review of sustainable consumption and production: A comparative analysis in developed and developing economies”,Journal of Cleaner Production. 2019. 206: 741-754.

  9. Chao Wang*, Xinyi Zhang, André L. M. Vilela, and Chao Liu, and H. Eugene Stanley, “Industrial structure upgrading and the impact of the capital market from 1998 to 2015: a spatial econometric analysis in Chinese regions”,Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. 2019.513: 189-201.

  10. Chao Wang*, Xinyi Zhang, Pezhman Ghadimi*, Qian Liu, Ming K Lim, and H. Eugene Stanley, “The impact of regional financial development on economic growth in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region: a spatial econometric analysis,Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. 2019.521: 635-648.

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  14. Vilela L. M André, Chao Wang*, Kenric P. Nelson, and H. Eugene Stanley, “Majority-vote Model for Financial Markets”,Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. 2019.515: 762-770.

  15. Chao Wang, Dong Mu*, Fu Zhao, John. W. Sutherland, “A parallel simulated annealing method for the vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup-delivery and time windows,”Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2015. 83: 111-122.

Personal statement

Chao Wang is currently an Associate Professor with the School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Technology, China. He received the Ph.D. degree from Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) in 2015 with joint training by Purdue University in 2013 and 2014. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Center for Polymer Studies and Department of Physics at Boston University from 2017 to 2019. He has published over 60 papers inOmega, Transportation Research Part A, Journal of Cleaner Production, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Ecological Economics, Cities, Applied Energy, Computer & Industrial Engineering, and other professional journals.