Liu Jian


Personal profile

Name:Liu Jian



Title: Associate professor, Assistant dean

Current Professional Societies

Member of Beijing Design Society;

Research Areas

  1. Artificial IntelligenceAided Creative Design;

  2. Interaction Design and Human Factor;

  3. Design Management and Service Design;


  1. Outstanding Class Adviser of Beijing University of Technology;

  2. Excellent Education and Teaching of Beijing University of Technology Award;

  3. Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the people's Republic of China (one of the float designers)



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Personal statement

Dr. Liu Jia, assistant dean of the College of Art and Design in Beijing University of Technology. He received his doctorate degree from Tsinghua University. Dr. Liu Jian has a strong teaching, research and design consulting background in the areas of industrial design. He has been involved in theoretical modeling, design practice for Artificial Intelligence Aided Creative Design as a practitioner, researcher and trainer. He has published more than twenty papers on SCI, CSSCI, CSCD journals, and three academic books.He has an extensive and distinguished publication record related to industrial design in international journals and conferences. The wide-scope of product design has won for Dr. Liu numerous awards in his design career. As a float designer, he participated in the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China.