Li Huidong


Personal profile

Name: Li Huidong

Gender: Male

Degrees: M.F.A in Sculpture

Title: Associate Professor

Professional Affiliations

Expert of Expert Pool of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China

Expert of Expert Pool of Beijing Natural Science Foundation

ExecutiveVice-Presidentand Secretary-general of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute attached to the Art Development Center of the Ministry of Culture

Executive Directorof China Promoting Minority Culture & ArtAssociation

Executive Directorof China Sculptors Association

Member of Sculpture Committee ofChina Arts and Crafts Association

Item of State

2006-2009 Drums and Dances: Grand Unity of Ethnic Groups in China, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance, for celebrating the 60thbirthday of the People's Republic of China.


Solo Exhibitions

2009 Ponder -Verse, Solo Exhibitions of Li Huidong Sculptures (November, 29), Visual Arts Gallery, Beijing.

1997 Solo Exhibitions of Li Huidong Sculptures(June), LAFA, Shenyang, Liaoning

Collective Exhibitions

2019 Statue of Liu Zhidan,A Glorious Course:Untiy of Ethnic Groups Sculpture Invitational, commissioned by Tsinghua University for China National Arts Fund

2019 Statue of Wang Yaoqing,The 13th National Art Exhibiton

2018 In Thought, Wheat-Pile Mountain(The Maiji)International Sculpture Forum 2018

2018 Spring,Sculpture for Life: Chinese Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibition 2018

2017 In Thought,The First National Exhibiton of Sculpture

2017 Statue of Martyr of Wang Youde,The 13th Army Art Exhibition

2016 Drums and Dances,Sculpture Exhibition of Silk Road(Dunhuang)International Cultural Expo

2015 Desire City, Taiyuan International Sculpture Biennale, Taiyuan, China

2015 Perfume of Silk Dress-Perfume and Spring on Chinese flowering crabapple-Spring, China Open tennis Tournament-Poly Sculpture Exhibition

2015 Perfume of Silk Dress-Perfume, Spring on Chinese flowering crabapple-Spring and Slow, Slow Tune-thoughts, City Lights-2015 Shanghai Contemporary Sculpture and Installation Art Expo, Shanghai, China

2015 Grand General Peng, Internal Uprightness: Tour Exhibition of master Chinese painting painter and sculptor for Commemorating 70th Anniversary of Anti-Fascist and Anti-Fascist War, China

2015 Desire City,China-Italy“To sail in the Silk Road”2015 Chinese Art Communicative Exhibition, Italy

2015 Desire City,“2015 Retrace Maritime Silk Road”China and Egypt Young Sculptors Exhibition, Egypt

2014 Perfume of Silk Dress-Perfume, Spring on Chinese flowering crabapple-Spring, Slow, Slow Tune-thoughts, Realistic≠Real— Contemporary Artist’s Invitation Exhibition, Honyo Art Centre, Beijing

2014Yan Er Mei-warbler, the Twelfth National Art Exhibition

2014 Galloping, “the 4th China Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition——Chinese freehand Sculpture Exhibition”,Changchun,China

2014 Cousins, cooperated with Zhangshu, “the 4th China Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition——the 1stChina Contemporary Youth Sculpture Exhibition”,Changchun,China

2013 Perfume of Silk Dress-Perfume, nominated by the 1st“CCTV Sculpture Contest”,collected by CCTV

2013 Slow, Slow Tune-thoughtsandPerfume of Silk Dress-Perfume, Chinese Young Artists Exhibition

2013 Spring on Chinese flowering crabapple-Spring, “Flying Language——The 3rd China Sculpture Almanac Exhibition”,collected by National Centre for the Performance Arts

2013 Song of Good Event-Chinese flowering crabapple,collected by Former Residence of Huang Gongwang

2013 Perfume of Silk Dress-Perfume, Chinese Contemporary Metal Art Exhibition

2012 Peacock Dance, collected by Chinese-US Sculpture Park,on permanent display Overland Park, Kansas

2012 Christopher·Mérieux, collected by Fondation Mérieux, France

2010-2011 DryandShyness, Surreal Pop Art Exhibition

2009-2010 Drums and Dances, Works Exhibition of the Artists Creation Projects on the National Major Historical Subjects Sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance for celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China

2010 A Dreamlike Song- Dream and Butterfly in Love with Flower-Love, Sculpture’s 15th Anniversary Invited Artists Exhibition

2010 Woman Flower,the 1st Harbin Wood Sculpture Festival

2009 Drums and Dances: Grand Unity of Ethnic Groups in China, Art Exhibition, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance, for celebrating the 60thbirthday of the People’s Republic of China, China Art Gallery, Beijing, China.

2008-2009 Desire City,“China Posture” Sculpture Exhibition, Xiamen-Beijing, China

2008 Mountains Bathed in Clouds and Mists, “Olympic Art Exhibition of China” sponsored by International Olympic Committee and Ministry of Culture of PRC, Beijing, China.

2007 Shield-Plan for Anti-Japanese War Heroes Monument, Exhibition for Celebrating 80thAnniversary of the Founding of the PLA, Beijing, China.

2006 Desire City, China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Art Exhibition, 3818 Gallery of Dashanzi Art

Zone, Beijing, China.

Desire Cityand Desire City, 1stContemporary Art Biennial, Shanghai, China.

2005 Desire City, Grand Exhibition for Celebrating 8th Anniversary of the Reunification of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.

2004 Auspicious Clouds, Blue Space: Sculpture Exhibition of Constructing Ecological Civilization for Beijing 2008 Olympics, Beijing, China.

2003 Dry, Yuzi Paradise International Sculpture Competition, Guilin, China.

Galloping, Changchun International Sculpture Congress & Exhibition, Changchun, China.

2002 Melody of Spring, Beijing International Sculpture Invitational, Beijing, China.

2001 Galloping, The 9thNational Art Exhibition, China Art Gallery, Beijing.

Rhythm, International Sculpture Invitational, Changchun, China.

Melody of Spring&, The Annual Sculpture Exhibition of North China 2001, Shenyang, China.

2000 Galloping and Dry,“Paris and Chinese Style ” Sculpture Exhibition, Paris, France.

Scurry and Past Happenings,Sino-Korea Sculpture Exchange Show, Korea.

1999 Segments of Life, Scurry and Unlimited Link, The 3rdExhibition of Wen Lou Studio, Passageway Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.

1997 Drums and Dances, China Grant Fine Art Exhibition-Contemporary Sculpture Art Show, Beijing, China.

Meditation, Sino-Korea Sculpture Exchange Show, Shenyang.

1996 Galloping, Sino-Korea Sculpture Exchange Show, Korea.

1995 Grand General Peng, Justice and Peace: Art Exhibition for Commemorating 60thAnniversary of Anti-Fascist War, Changchun, China.

1994 Illusory Moment, The 8thNational Art Exhibition, Shenyang

Awards obtained

2002 Spring, 3rd prize, China Sculpture Art Festival, Hui’an, China.

1998 Clouds, silver medal, The 2ndExhibition of Young Artists, in Shenyang, China.

1997 Shield-Plan for Anti-Japanese War Heroes Monument, silver medal, Liaoning Art Exhibition for Celebrating Hongkong Coming Home,Sheyang.