Mei Yuehui


Personal profile

Name: Mei Yuehui

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Member of China Calligrapher Association;

2.Researcher of Liu Haisu Art Museum;

3. Visiting professor of Sichuan University of culture and art.

4.Special calligrapher of Chinese painting and calligraphy magazine

Research Areas

1. The history of calligraphy and seal cutting;

2. Calligraphy aesthetics;

3. Calligraphy art and design.


1. Won the 2017 National Art Foundation Youth Art Creation Talent project;

2. Selected into the "Rixin Talent" Cultivation Plan of Beijing University of Technology in 2018

3. "Excellent Award" of the third National Youth Calligraphy and seal cutting Exhibition (China Calligrapher Association), 2012

4. "Excellent Award" of the 6th International Calligraphy and Painting Art Festival of Yongle Palace, Ruicheng, China;

5. The exhibition of New and Cutting-edge Calligraphy Works of "Wei and Jin style", 2013 (Chinese Calligrapher Association)

5. "Nomination Award" of the first Chinese Calligraphy Academy Award (Chinese Calligraphy Academy), 2014

6. Rongbaozhai the First National Youth Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition "Excellent Award" (rongbaozhai), 2018

7. The Second Prize of the Adult Group of the third Beijing Olympic TV Calligraphy Competition (Beijing Federation of Literary and Art circles, Beijing Calligrapher Association, Beijing TV station), 2007

8. "Excellent Head Teacher of Lide and Shuren" (Beijing University of Technology), 2015-2017

9. Outstanding Graduates of Beijing Institutions of Higher Learning (Beijing Municipal Education Commission), 2015



1. Volume II of Song Dynasty's land voucher calligraphy, rongbaozhai publishing house, December 2018

2. Chinese calligraphy Volume I Gewu (II), higher education press, December 2018

3. The first volume of Chinese calligraphy (II) teaching book for teachers, higher education press, October 2019


1. Modern transformation of calligraphy criticism, Chinese calligraphy, December 2019

2. Zhuanli thought in the study of Qing Dynasty steles, Chinese calligraphy, April 2018

3. Thinking about the dilemma of contemporary calligraphy creation and exploration, art observation, November 2017

4. Modern interpretation of calligraphy under the influence of "Western learning" in the 20th century, Chinese calligraphy, February 2017

5. Evolution and transformation of ancient calligraphy criticism, Chinese calligraphy, December 2016

6. On the form of vertical axis calligraphy in the late Ming Dynasty, art 100, July 2016

7. On Zhuan Qi, Chinese calligraphy, April 2016

8. Novelty and stimulation: calligraphy aesthetics of the late Ming Dynasty, Chinese calligraphy, may 2014

9. The requirements of the creation and change of calligraphy modernity on the constitution, Chinese painting and calligraphy, August 2019

10. Chinese characters are the basis of the beauty of calligraphy. In March 2014, the cultural monthly was reprinted by China social science network, reference for party and government cadres, China economic times, China calligraphy daily and other journals

11. The origin of the study of the characters of "Zhuan is based on Li", Oriental Art and calligraphy, April 2016

12. Looking at the spirit of "freehand seal cutting" in the name of "freehand brushwork", collection of contemporary Chinese freehand seal cutting research exhibition, rongbaozhai press, September 2014. Reprinted by Oriental Art, poetry, calligraphy and painting and other journals

Personal statement

Mei Yuehui, Ph.D. in Art (calligraphy), associate professor and master supervisor of College of Art and Design, Beijing University of technology, and member of Chinese Calligrapher Association. He was awarded the National Art Fund young art creation talent project, and was selected into the "new talents of Japan" of Beijing University of technology and the national senior research class of Chinese Calligraphy Association for Chinese Studies and cultivation of young calligraphy creation backbones. In 2013, calligraphy newspaper selected "new talents of calligraphy" in calligraphy audition, and Oriental Art Calligraphy magazine nominated "20 young calligraphers of China".