Shu Qian



Personal profile

Name:Shu Qian



Title:Associate Professor

Current Professional Societies

Invited to participate in international and domestic conference:

1. 2016 Design International Forum Service Design Education Seminar;

2. National Industrial Design Education Seminar World Chinese Design International Fashion Design and Technology - International Workshop on Wearable Technology and Design;

3. Tsinghua University's Future Mission Education Seminar for Art and Design Education;

4. Central Academy of Fine Arts to host academic conferences on art and design research;

5. International Symposium on Public Education

Research Areas

1.Chinese painting and theories;

2.Contemporary Chinese paintingexpressive;



Participated in several international and domestic art exhibitions:

1. the German IF Award,

2. the China International Design Federation (IDF),

3. the German Design Award for the Innovation of Chinese Students (Beijing Guanghua Design and Development Foundation ) (,

4. China Design Talent Network


1. Personal Works "business silhouette - newspaper advertising" Guangming Daily Press

2. Design: the title of the interview - Ye Yongqing interview and layout design, Hebei Education Press

3. Design Works "Signs, Symbols, Fonts" "Art & Design" "Digital Design" Art & Design Magazine Issue No. CN11-3909 / J

4. Sino-French Art Exchange Design Works "Symbol Crossing 1,2,3" France - China Ia traverse signs CENTER OU GRAPHSME ET DE LA COMMUNICATION VISUELLE O'ECH ISBN2-9519171-3-9

5. "Zhong Dan dialogue -03" The different meaning of Logo, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House

6. Research Papers "Newspaper advertising notes" "Beijing University of Technology young teachers excellent paper"

7. Art Work "cloud" published in the national core journals "Art" magazine, No. CN11-1311, 1995 years

8. Art Work "dance" published in the "China Art News", collection exchange magazine (Taiwan) in 1999

9. Art Work "one of the cloud lily", "Second Cloud" published in the "Fine Arts Research" quarterly national core journals magazine, article number CN11-1190 / J 2005

10. "The visual experience of ink and wash art" published in the "Fine Arts Research" quarterly national core journals magazine, article No. CN11-1190 / J 2006

11. The research paper "Ink and Wash Memory Visual Experience" published in the "Fine Arts Research" quarterly national core journals magazine, article No. CN11-1190 / J 2006

12. The research paper "Visual Performance of Ink and Wash Art" published in the "Art Watch" National Core Journal of Art Watch, Magazine No. CN11-3655 J 2008

13. Works "Dutch", "line" art observation "national core publication art observation magazine, CN11-3655 J 2008

14. The research paper "newspaper advertising notes" published in the Beijing University of Technology Young Teachers excellent essays, 2005

Personal statement

ShuQian, Associate Professor of the Chinese painting in Beijing University of Technology, received a master's degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Art Design and wall painting, received a bachelor's degree in Sichuan Academy, majoring in painting. I have been engaged in professional teaching for 26 years in Beijing University of Technology. In recent years, my research focuses on Chinese painting and theories, contemporary Chinese painting expressive and book design. I also study intensively on the design connotation and method of the Chinese philosophy, aesthetics and cultural inheritance in the Chinese painting from the terms of the social, crowd, psychology, behavior and so on by technology, arts and concepts.