Zhao Hang

Personal profile


Degrees:Master Degree

Title:Associate Professor


Research Areas

Artistic Design of Architectural Space


  1. Advanced Individual in Teacher's Professional Ethics of Beijing

  2. Top Teacher of Beijing University of Technology


  1. Landscape · Architecture Hand Draw Expression Techniques

  2. Landscape · Architectural Design Hand Draw Communication

  3. Landscape · Architecture Hand Draw Integrated Technique

Personal Statement

Zhao Hang, Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor.

In 1999, began teaching.

In 2008, established the Department of Environmental Design and served as the department head for 11 years at Art Design College.

In 2012, won the honor of Advanced Individual in Teacher's Professional Ethics of Beijing.

In 2014, won the honor of Top Teacher of Beijing University of Technology

Has profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in the field of architectural art and space design. Professional attainments are based on the creation of space aesthetics. Presided over the design of many national scenic spots, local government and large enterprise design projects.

Focus on researching characteristic teaching models and concept innovation in the field of art design education, has unique educational teaching theory and practical experience. The education spirit and teaching level are widely praised. Is the first person in the college, especially in the field of international exchanges. Organize students to participate in International Design Competitions, and create Exchanges & Cooperation Projects with universities in many countries for ten consecutive years. Invited world-class architectural design masters to lecture at the university, they are Masato Araya, Kengo Kuma and Kazuyo Sejima.