Zhang Yan


Personal profile

Gender: Male

Degrees: Master

Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: 14673717@qq.com

Current Professional Societies

  1. Founder of Zhang Fei Printing Studio;

  2. Director of Beijing Digital Science Association;

  3. Member of the Creative Design Professional Committee of China Printing Association;

  4. Expert in the examination of geographical indication products by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

Research Areas

  1. 3D Printing Art Design and Research

  2. Digital Media Art Design and Creation


  1. In 2015, innovatively carried out 3D printing art design teaching courses and art creation research, and established 3D printing and art design laboratory as the leader. A large number of 3D printed art works have been completed;

    2. From July 1 to July 8th, 2015, hosted a joint exhibition of teachers and students of 3D printing art creation. It has received extensive attention from all walks of life. More than 100 media are mainly involved in the report such as: Beijing Daily, China Culture Daily, China art news, South city entertainment news, Beijing Morning Post, Beijing Times, Art. China.network, Artron art network, Zhongguancun online network etc;

    3. In August 2017, CCTV English Channel -CGTN culture broadcast interview: 3D printing and art combination exploration: cultural relics restoration and reconstruction;

    4. In December 2017, CCTV channel 13 - CCTV13 news studio reported: combined exploration of 3D printing and art: restoration and reconstruction of cultural relics;

    5. Guided the student's work "3D Natural Interactive Device Series",which won the "Best Popular Work Award" in the "7th Science and Technology Festival of Beijing University of Technology ".


1. "The Joys and Worries of 3D Printing-The Importance of Art Education to the Popularization of 3D Printing" in "Science and Art Inheritance and Innovation-The Road to the Integration of Science and Art". Publishing House: the Electronics Industry Press of China salaryman publishing group(2017);

2. "The Perfect Combination of Technology and Art-The Amazing Appearance of 3D Printing Decorative Murals of Zhang Fei Printing Studio" in the 3D printing industry magazine "3D Printing World";

3. University culture productions‘Design and Research based on 3D printing, sCIE2019;

4. Application of 3D printing in cultural relics restoration, art and technology, 2019.

5. 3D printing art work: Broken Horse Zhang Fei, participated in TCT Asia 3D printing exhibition(2015);

6. In 2017, 3D printing art works: Space-Time Murals, participated in TCT Asia 3D printing exhibition(2017);

7. 3D printing art works: the Fate of Aerospace, participated in TCT Asia 3D printing exhibition(2018);

Personal statement

Zhang Yan, Associate Professor, Master Instructor, director of the Digital Media design department, College of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology. The founder of Zhang Fei Printing Studio, the director of Beijing Digital Science Association, and member of the Creative Design Professional Committee of China Printing Association. His main research field are on 3D Printing art design and research and digital media art design and creation. He has been engaged in teaching for near 20 years. He has presided over 7 main provincial or university projects. He has published more than six papers on main professional design journals. He has participated in the National Multimedia Courseware Competition and have won more than 30 awards. He has Led students to participate in all kinds of design competitions at home and abroad, and have won more than 50 provincial and ministerial awards.