Zhang Fuwen

Personal Profile

Gender: Male

Degrees: Master

Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: zhangfuwen@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

1.Deputy Secretary General of Metal Art Committee of China Arts and Crafts Association

2.Judges of China National Vocational Crafts Competition (precious metal and jewelry production)

3.Member of China Arts and Crafts Society

4.Member of China Urban Sculpture Committee

Research Areas

1.Application of Chinese traditional metal art

2.Comprehensive materials jewelry art

3.A comparative study of enamel art between China and Japan

4.Sculpture and medal art


1.Supported by the youth program of the national art foundation of the Ministry of culture, 2015

2.Advanced individual in gift design from the people's Republic of China to the United Nations


1.Zhang Fuwen, Ma lei translator of the beautiful seven treasures world,Jiangsu Phoenix Art Publishing ISBN: 978-7-5580-6305-3

2.Zhang Fuwen, An introduction to the comparison between Chinese traditional cloisonne and Japanese enamel technology, published in art education, 2016, issue 7

3.Zhang Fuwen, Titanium metal coloring effect and its application in jewelry design, published in art education, 2014, issue 1

4.Zhang Fuwen, On the traditional arts and crafts education in the context of globalization,published in art education, 2013 issue 10

5.Zhang Fuwen,On the classicality and Modernity of Bernini's sculpture from the way of clothing pattern processing, published in art education, 2013 issue 5

 Personal Statement

Zhang Fuwen, associate professor and master's supervisor, has been engaged in metal art and jewelry creation for more than 20 years. It mainly studies the recovery and utilization of traditional Chinese metal technology. Personal works are mainly gold and silver ware, jewelry and modern sculpture.