Yan Hongying

Personal profile

Gender: Female

Degrees: MA (Master of Arts)


  1. Associate Professor

  2. Deputy Director of Department of Clothing and Fashion Design

E-mail: 1391928109@qq.com

Current Professional Societies

  1. Deputy Secretary General of International Fashion Art Network

  2. Member of Beijing Design Association

  3. Public lecturer of China Children's Culture and Art Foundation

Research Areas

  1. Structure and technology of barrier free clothing

  2. Development and innovative design of traditional dress culture

  3. Design and technology of Fashion customization


  1. Fashion art design work <Flowers in the Silk Road > , “Outstanding works Award” of The first textile light China Textile Art Exhibition, 2018.09.

  2. “Excellent volunteers of Love and public welfare lecturer”, by China Children's Culture and Art Foundation, 2016\2017.

  3. “Outstanding contribution Memorial Award”, Design work <Flourishing age>, Clothing design for leaders of the 2014 APEC meeting, 2014.

  4. "Capital Excellent Worker" ,Planning and design of the square array of the mass March, The 60th Anniversary of The National Day,2009.

  5. “Talent Cultivation Achievement Award”(community), China Graduate Fashion Week 2015.

  6. Fashion painting <Exercise>,“Outstanding works Award” of The first "Jinyuan Cup" China Fashion Painting Exhibition,2013.

  7. “Second prize of excellent teaching achievements”,Beijing University of Technology,2008.


  1. Paper publication: <On the Origin of Naxi Clothing Culture>\<The Practical Principle of Clothing>\<Aesthetic Trend of "Huafu">etc. 12 in total.

  2. Works art exhibition: <Water Shadow and Light>\< Reminiscence · fleeting time>\< Horizon> etc. 12 in total,8 International Exhibition, 4 Provincial and ministerial level exhibition, 2 Excellent Awards, 1 Memorial Awards.

  3. Publication of works: <Autumn Rhyme of Populus Euphratica>\<Dialogue>\ <Flowers in the Silk Road >etc. 10 in total, 1 published in the core journal <silk>.

Personal Statement

Yanhongying, associate professor, deputy dean of Fashion and Costume Design Department, School of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology. She has been engaged in teaching for 18 years. She has presided one humanities and social sciences project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, one humanities and social sciences fund project of Beijing University of Technology, and one horizontal scientific research project cooperated with Dunhuang Research Institute. She has published more than 12 papers in major journals; 12 works art exhibition, including 8 international exhibitions, 4 provincial and ministerial level exhibition, 2 Excellent Awards, 1 Memorial Awards; 10 works published, one published in the core journal. She has won 7 awards, including 4 provincial and ministerial awards and above.