Wu Yunchao


Personal profile


Degree: Master's Degree

Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: okyunchao@126.com

Current Professional Societies

1. Deputy Secretary-General, Calligraphy and Painting Professional Committee, China Society of Arts and Crafts

2. Member of the Color Education Committee of China Popular Color Association

3. Member of the Beijing Artists Association

Research Areas

1. Contemporary art and fashion design research

2. A study on the integration of popular colours and local clothing culture

3. Research on costume design for performances.


1. 2017 First Prize of the Third National Art and Design Exhibition of the "Academy Award"

2. In 2016, he was awarded the "Artist of Distinction Award" by the 8th Asian Art Fair and the French-Chinese Art Association.

3. Finalist Award of the "Chinese Craft Excellence Award" at the Seventh Cross-Strait Cultural Industry Fair (Xiamen) in 2015, China Society of Arts and Crafts, Taiwan Crafters Association

4.2 In 2014, he won the silver medal of "China Arts and Crafts Hundred Flower Award".

5. 2009 Awarded the "Asian Outstanding Young Artist Award" at the First Asian Art Fair.

6.2007 The first annual award for the art work of Chinese art teachers

7.1986, the first "Flower Cup" National Children's Fashion Design Competition Encouragement Award

8. Awarded the National New Craft Garment Design Competition for Excellence in 1988

9.2011 First Prize of the First China University Art and Design Forum

10.2012 First Prize in the China Creative Design Yearbook Essay Collection

11.2015 Outstanding Paper Award of the 7th National Forum on Visual Communication Design Education, "Poetry and Rationality"

12.2018 "2018 China Color Academic Essay" Excellent Paper by China Popular Color Association


1. The Basics of Fashion Design, China Social Press, 1998.

2. "Decorative Colors", Central Radio and Television University Press, 2011.

3. Audio-visual teaching material "Decorative Color" (10 hours), recorded by the Central University of Radio and Television and China Television Teacher Training College, broadcast on China Education 1 in 2010, and produced in 2015 for the National Digital Learning Resource Center Media Library Course.

4. "Color Language and Design Applications", China Film Press, 2018

Solo exhibitions.

2013 "Vaguely Feeling", Huayi Art Museum, 798 Art District, Beijing, China

2006 "Wu Yunchao Painting Exhibition", Visual Arts Museum, School of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology.

Cluster exhibition

In 2009-2016, he exhibited at the Asian Art Fair, one of the three major art fairs in Beijing for eight consecutive years.

2019 The fashion painting "Durian" was selected in the "Second National Fashion Painting Exhibition", sponsored by the Costume Art Committee of China Artists Association.

2019 Mizuki-Sakura Wah-Tsinghua Alumni Tokyo Art Exhibition, Japan Japan Japan-China Friendship Association Museum, Tokyo

2018~Include Ilsonghua We + Art Space Spring International Salon Exhibition

2017 The 3rd National Art and Design Exhibition of the "Academy Award"

2017 18 works for "Beautiful Shunyi - Contemporary Ink and Wash Exhibition

2017 May Guang Hua - Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts Alumni Exhibition

2016 First National Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting in the Arts and Crafts, Beijing National Culture Palace.

2014 "Quartet without Pole" was exhibited at the "Salon Française Contemporain", a cultural event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China, at the Spatiale d'Art Pierre Cardin, Paris, France

2013 Zhoushan Islands China Marine Culture Festival International Art Derivatives Exhibition

2011 Rongcheng, China - The First Chinese Young Artists Nomination Exhibition

Participated in the 14th Bangladesh Asian Art Biennale in 2010 and presented the academic paper "Contemporary Art in New Realities and Spaces" at the symposium on behalf of Chinese artists, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2010 Shanghai World Expo China Art Week Invitational Exhibition (Theme Pavilion is the only special Chinese art exhibition held in the registered venue)

2009 The 55th Baekje International Cultural Festival, Korea "China and Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition", Korea

2009 "Heart Language and Crafts" Sino-Japanese Arts and Crafts Academic Exchange Exhibition, Beijing, China

2008 The 54th Baekje International Cultural Festival, Korea "Contemporary Chinese and Korean Art Exhibition", Korea

2007 Twentieth National New Works Exhibition of Chinese Artists Association

The 2nd China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industries Expo Gallery and Art Trade Exhibition.

2002 Beijing Fine Arts Association New Works Exhibition.

Personal statement

Wu Yunchao, associate professor, master's degree supervisor, graduated from the Central Academy of Craft Art (now The Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University) in 1988, majoring in costume design, the central Academy of Fine Arts backbone teacher visiting scholar, from 1988 to 1990 in the technical room of the Great Wall Raincoat Company in Beijing, engaged in costume craft production and design work, from 1990 to now in the Beijing University of Technology School of Art and Design, teaching in the Department of Costume and Fashion Design. I am the Deputy Secretary General of the Calligraphy and Painting Professional Committee of China Society of Arts and Crafts, the member of the Color Education Committee of China Popular Color Association, and the member of Beijing Artists Association. I have held two solo exhibitions and participated in many major art exhibitions at home and abroad and won important awards. I have been engaged in professional teaching for 30 years and art creation for more than 20 years. In recent years, my research focuses on the relationship between fashion art and tradition, the study of color and fashion, the application of contemporary art in fashion design, the relationship between clothing and nature, society and regional culture, the development of clothing from the level of clothing art and technology, the relationship between philosophy, aesthetics and art, and the expansion of artistic expression in clothing.