Chen Shuqun

Name: Chen Shuqun

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Associate professor

E-mail :

Research Areas

1. Surface treatment of metals and alloys

2. Refractory metal based films and coatings


1. The 16th Beijing Youth Outstanding Scientific Papers by Beijing Association for Science and Technology, 2022

2. Honourable Mention, The 12th Young Faculty Teaching Skills Competition at Beijing University of Technology, 2019

3. Honourable Mention, 2016 Association of British Turkish Academics (ABTA) Doctoral Researcher Awards, 2016


1. Microstructure and tribological properties of sputtered MoSx-W composite films supported by porous alumina aperture array, Surface and Coatings Technology 450 (2022) 128958.

2. Insights into the microstructure characteristics, mechanical properties and tribological behaviour of gas-phase chromized coating on GCr15 bearing steel, Surface and Coatings Technology 443 (2022) 128605.

3. Understanding the surface structure evolution and electron emission behaviors during the activation of Ir-coated dispenser cathodes, Vacuum 200 (2022) 111016.

4. Insights into the nucleation, grain growth and phase transformation behaviours of sputtered metastable β-W films, Journal of Materials Science & Technology 90 (2021) 66-75.

5. Tribological properties of MoS2 nano-flowers supported by porous alumina aperture array, Tribology International 161 (2021) 107093.

Personal Statement

My name is Shuqun Chen, I am an Associate Professor and Postgraduate Supervisor at the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing in Beijing University of Technology, China. I received my bachelor degree in Materials Forming and Control Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University at 2010. Then I went to Huazhong University of Science and Technology and got my master degree in Materials Processing Engineering. On September 2012, I headed to Queen Mary University of London and worked with Dr. Russell Binions in an area of Thin Films and Coatings. I received the PhD in Materials Science at June 2016.

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