Chen Tao

Name: Chen Tao

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D

Title: Professor

E-mail :

Current Professional Societies

1. Member ofthe Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Special Processing Institution

2. Member of theChinese Societyof Biomedical Engineering

Research Areas:

1. Laser micromachining technology

2. biomedical microdevice


1. Scientific New Star of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission 2001

2.Young Core Teacher ofBJUT byBeijing Education Commission 2006


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4.Xianmin Kong, Shanshan Tian, Tao Chen(*), Yinghui Huang,Functional detection of the original generation of hippocampal cells planted on to the micro-fluidic chip with artificial neuronal network using the patch clamp recording technique: a preliminary study,International Journal of Neuroscience,129(5): 430-437,MAY 4 2019.

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Personal Statement

Long R&D working accumulation on laser micromachining technology, biomedical microdevice are fulfilled in BJUT. I have taken up manyprojects concerning:(1) basic science researchgranted by NSFC,BMSFC,BME;(2)technical development researchgranted byMOST;(3)and industry application researchsupported by enterprises. Many technical fields are covered such as 3D laser micromachining, PCR biochip preparation, artificial brainor preliminary researchthrough neural stem cell microfluidic cultivation, etc. Three monographs,andnearly hundred academic papers are published.Over20 technical patents are licensed.