Zhang Fengfan

Personal profile

Name:Zhang Fengfan



Title:Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Executive vice president of Society for Dialectics of Nature Committee in Beijing.

2. Member of Chinese Society for Dialectics of Nature.

Research Areas

1. Science, Technology and Society;

2.Philosophy of science and technology;

3.Innovation ,Technology policy and management.


1. First prize of teacher's morality speech contest of Beijing University of Technology, 2006

2.First prize of teaching basic skills competition of College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Beijing University of Technology,2005 2007 respectively

3.Top Ten Favorite Teacher to Set Moral Examples of Beijing University of Technology, 2019


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Personal statement

Zhang Fengfan, Associate professor and master’s supervisor, Marxism Institute for Beijing University of Technology.She has been engaged in teaching for nearly 20 years. She has presided about 20 academic programs. She has published more than forty academic papers on major journals.