Xing Rong

Personal profile

Name:Xing Rong



Title:Associate Professor

Current Professional Societies

1. Member of Chinese Society for the history of Marxist Philosophy;

2.Member of China Society for Hominology.

Research Areas

1.Marx’s Philosophy and modernity issue;

2.Comparative research between Western modernity and Chinese modernity;

3.Western Marxism.


1. Marx’s Modernity Thought and Chinese Social Transformation,Beijing: Central Compilation & Translation Press, 2015.

2.“From civil society to public sphere”,Journal of Beijing University of Technology (Social Sciences Edition)No.1, 2010

3.“Civil society and social construction”,Journal of Study and Practice, No.8, 2009

4.“Social Construction of China in Perspective of Marx s Modernity Theory”,Journal of Southwest University (Social Sciences Edition), No.3, 2009

5.“From the Marxist Concept of Civil Society to the Contemporary Concept of Society”,Journal of Beijing Administrative College, No.12, 2008

6.“Capital production and the basic character of modernity”,Journal of Suzhou University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition),No.8, 2007

7.“Linkage between civil society and modernity seen by Marx”,Journal of Teaching and Research, No.10, 2005

8.“Inherentconflict of modernity”,Journal of Philosophical Trends,No.5, 2002

Personal statement

Xing Rong, Associate Professor of College of Marxism, Beijing University of Technology. She graduated from Peking University and used to be a visiting scholar of Michigan State University in USA and senior visiting scholar of Cambridge University in UK. She has been engaged in teaching for 20 years. She has published more than twenty papers on major journals and four academic books.