Message from the Leadership

As the only member of National "211 Project" among the municipal universities in Beijing, BJUT is a key multidisciplinary university with its strong focus on engineering, offering various programs from science, engineering, economics, management, humanities, education, law and arts. Founded in 1960, BJUT grew up along its own unique path for generations of endless painstaking efforts and intrepid creativity. Up to now, it has provided the society with more than 160,000 high-quality graduates who are playing key roles in economic development and social advancement both at home and abroad.

In the fast and competitive development of Chinese higher education, firmly adhering to the spirit of "Persistent Striving the Principle, Pursuit of Innovation the Path" and its mission of "Rooted in Beijing, Serving Beijing, Inspiring China and Embracing the World", BJUT has continuously improved its strength and social reputation with endeavors. BJUT ranks 32nd at home in the QS Asian University Ranking of 2020, and with its disciplines of Material Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science and Environment and Ecology being top 1% of the ESI international ranking. BJUT has become an important base of talent cultivation for Beijing Municipality, a vital force for regional technological innovation, a crucial think tank for the city construction and development and a significant arena for international exchange and cooperation.

Successive progress comes from endless innovation. BJUT will carry out fully the guiding spirit of "Offer Satisfied Education to the People", and implement thoroughly the national and municipal outlines of mid & long-term plan concerning education reform and growth. By proactively meeting great demands of Beijing and the country, actively participating in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional synergy development, actively serving the new Strategic Position of Beijing Municipality of the "Four Centers" ( Political Center, Cultural Center,Scientific Innovation Center and International Communication Center), BJUT is determined to achieve its goal of "being an internationally recognized high-level research university with its uniqueness" through three strategies of upgrading the university by talents, developing with its own features, and opening up to outside world in order to contribute more to the modernization of both Beijing and the country, and to make Chinese Dream of rejuvenating Chinese nation come true.

Jiang Zeting

Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee

Nie Zuoren

Deputy Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee, President