Student Life at a Glance

The University pursues aesthetic and cultural education, which helps to develop its cultural characteristics, vigorously promotes the excellent traditional Chinese culture and creates heightened conditions for cultural education. With the harmonious development of culture, art and sports, the University deepens the comprehensive reform in education and improves the all-round quality of students. Coordinating with relevant departments, colleges and student clubs, the University organizes and develops on-campus cultural festivals and also holds dozens of school-level events of art, culture and sports every year, attracting more than 10,000 teachers and students across the University. All these events mirror the achievement of art education at the University.

The University facilitates the development and organization of student art troupes and promotes the popularization and practice of art education. The student art troupe, a high-level student group popular among teachers and students, is composed of chorus, dance, orchestra, drama and marching band. The student art troupe has held special shows in the National Centre for the Performing Arts of China, Beijing Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing and other music halls many times as it participated in various kinds of national and municipal art competitions and achieved excellent results. It also has been repeatedly invited to exchange and collaborate with international top-level art troupes to organize and carry out such art events as “ElegantArts on Campus”, “Folk Arts on Campus” and “Opera & Film Exhibition on Campus”. More than ten thousand show tickets are circulated to teachers and students free of charge every year, which improves their aesthetic literacy and appreciating abilities.

The University gives full play to the influence of sports events on campus culture, strongly promotes mass extracurricular sports activities with the theme of “Move Off the Internet, Out of Dormitory and Towards Playground”, carries out a series of sports activities, such as track-and-field sports meeting, the BJUT Cup-League of Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis and comprehensively improves the mental outlook of students.

In 2022, in a series of reports themed "China's Ten Years in My Eyes", produced by, Kamolov Mehroj, a Tajikistan student studying at Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), was invited as a representative of the University's outstanding international students, to tell about the rapid development of China's infrastructure in his eyes; what he saw, heard, learned and felt in China, and of his life at BJUT. In addition to introducing China's remarkable achievements in the field of infrastructure, Kamolov Mehroj's story also highlighted the significant contribution of BJUT to the country's major projects. To read the story, please click: BJUT International Student Appears in Feature Report of

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