Organizations & Clubs

Student clubs significantly serve the purpose of moral education, talent cultivation and quality-oriented education. They are interest-based student groups to hold events under the leadership of the Party Committee and with the guidance of Youth League Committee of the University for the purpose of students’ growth and creativity. Student clubs are committed to incorporating club-featured culture into the campus, and thereby inheriting and continuing the culture.

By December 2019, there are 88 registered student clubs in the University with over 8,000 registered members, encompassing five categories, namely, academic theme, public welfare, practice, culture and art, as well as sports. Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the University, the Youth League Committee of the University guides the student clubs to carry out regular club events with distinctive themes, healthy meaningfulness and diverse styles. They held more than 50 times large-scale events such as the Club Culture Festival, the “BJUT Cup” sports league and the Outdoor Challenge Game facing all students in the University each year and developed over 300 activities, involving ten thousand teachers and students inside and outside the University.

In 2019, student clubs frequently won national and municipal awards. The Ski Club won the third places of Alpine Group Award and Snowboard Group Award in Fifth National College Students’ Ski Race of the challenge competition of Vanke Cup--.East Fourth Ring Hip-hop Club of BJUT won the first prize of Men's Group Choreography and other awards in the Capital-Wide University Aerobic Dance Competition. The members of the Taekwon won the Female Individual Events in the Beijing Yude Shangwu Wushu- Sanda Competition. BJUT Junye Association successfully climbed to the summit of Gangshika whose peak sits at 5,254.5 meters above sea level in Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, Qinghai.