Experience at BJUT


“I've been teaching here for two more years. It has been a wonderful time at BJUT. I have had the pleasure of creating lasting memories, while living in the vibrancy of BJUT. The comfort and support of my colleagues have helped me overcome the challenges of living away from my hometown. Thanks for all the inspirations I have received from my supervisors, colleagues and excellent students. ”

Jiseo Kim, South Korean, College of Arts and Design.


“My name is Ouattara Sie from Cote d'Ivoire, I've been in Beijing University of Technology since 2006 and I saw the development of this beautiful university and also of Beijing. I graduated from the college of Electronic Information and Control Engineering from BJUT and obtained my Master degree in 2010 and PhD degree in 2015. I spend most of my time studying with my lab mates. Thanks all the teachers who have helped me during that period. I feel also thankful that BJUT offered me a chance to join them as a teacher since 2017.”

Ouattara Sie, Ivorian, College Of International Education


“In my 12 years of teaching in China, BJUT has been a great place for living and working in China. As a teacher in the English department, the students, staff, and other teachers have always welcomed me with warmth and care. They made my BJUT life a wonderful experience. Particularly, this experience includes making good friends, attending fun parties, and partaking in the very rich and interesting culture of China. Generally, I have learned many exquisite things about China. It has been a wonderful experience and memory at BJUT.I wish all of us good luck in our future!”

James Keith Tarzia, American, Facultof Humanities and Social Sciences