Based on the fundamental task to "foster character and civic virtue", BJUT is committed to cultivating high-quality innovative talents that can meet the demand for social and economic development of China, especially the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. The talents require persistent belief, good moral character, solid basic knowledge, profound specialized knowledge, broad vision, outstanding practical ability, and strong sustainable development capacity.

With students as the priority, BJUT has built an undergraduate education system based on general education, the organic integration of general education and professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education; constantly optimizing undergraduate curriculum cultivation , constructing high-quality undergraduate courses, and continuously enhancing the quality of undergraduate education to form the diversified talent cultivation model of "horizontal layering, longitudinal classification and phased progression". "Respecting choices and giving full play to strengths", BJUT provides services for changing majors and establishes subsidiary majors to enrich the curriculum of innovation and entrepreneurship. It builds international, national, municipal and university-level science and technology contests to enhance students' engineering, practical and innovative abilities. It actively explores effective teaching quality monitoring and continues improving closed-loop system to form the closed-loop model of "problem finding, problem solving, problem feedback, continuous development". The university establishes Fan Gongxiu Honors College to cultivate the leading talents in the engineering field. It implements the strategy of open schooling, established Beijing-Dublin International College, introduces and absorbs advanced Western educational system and methods to cultivate internationally competitive talents. It adheres to industry-university-research cooperation, and builds the open and shared practice system inside and outside the University. The University also cultivates the engineered, compound and internationalized talents.

At present, BJUT has a total of 72 undergraduate majors, covering 8 disciplines including engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, education and art.